Nirmall Vortex Water Treatment

decentralized wastewater treatment

Nirmall Vortex Water Technology restructures water by breaking oversized molecule cluster into similar sizes.This treatment also breaks down minerals into smaller particles making them more bio-available for all living beings.Hence it takes only small quantity of structured water to hydrate plants.

Even Calcite Crystals are further broken and converted into Aragonite Crystals,which are 19 times more soluble than Calcite.Thus,structured water is less prone to form hard scale.

Nirmall Vortex Water Treatment integrates powerful, rare-Earth Neodymium magnets, Boron, Iron and Gradient fields into the water Device. As water passes through a Nirmall Vortex Water Device, it restructures the water molecule cluster to render it soft and clean for consumption and other uses. It prevents the deposition of calcium and magnesium that causes hardness of water and also neutralizes other bacteria and toxins.

The normal water molecule cluster comprises of molecules loosely floating together. As the water molecule clusters pass by a cell membrane of living beings, many of them aren't absorbed because of its largeness. while the smaller ones are absorbed, which carry toxins and pollutants like Calcite in them. So, larger quantity of unstructured water is required to hydrate plants.