Industrial Sector

Industrial Hard Water Treatment

Here at Nirmall Enterprises’, we aim to help deal with your industrial hard water treatment issues by offering complete turnkey solutions from pre-treatment of industrial water to primary demineralization, polishing, and complete processing. We make use of top-notch systems coupled with exceptional technologies to monitor water hardness so as to avoid costly breakdowns in industrial equipment and other apparatus that handles water.

Industrial water is usually drawn from bore-wells or municipal sources and used for a variety of purposes. Right from heating, washing, cooling, sterilization, rinsing and other processes, industrial water is essential for the day-to-day activities and efficient functioning of the factory. Untreated industrial water can pose an array of problems in an industrial environment. A variety of minerals and bacteria present in industrial water can reduce the efficiency and shorten the operating life of machinery and other systems. If such water is used in production processes without undergoing treatment, the resultant impurities can directly hamper your product quality as well. Hence, we provide innovative solutions for your business to protect your expensive equipment while helping keep costs down to maximize system efficiency, whilst minimizing chemical usage.

We design and manufacture industrial water treatment systems for a variety of industries ranging from Chemical Processing, Metal & Mining to Food & Beverage and Health care sector who require high-quality water. Moreover, we can work within your budget to provide the best solution for your business components that meet a wide range of commercial and industrial water treatment applications. Our ultimate goal is to deliver wastewater treatment plant construction solutions that are good for the environment and good for your overall bottom line.

Benefits of water treatment plant construction companies:
• Help keep your systems operating at peak efficiency by prolonging the life of expensive equipment thereby increasing your ROI.
• Eliminates scale deposits in equipment, pipes and production process while preventing corrosion.
• Requires no shutdowns for maintenance while using minimum energy or electricity.
• Reduces operating and maintenance costs.