Disaster Management

More than 22 states in India are prone to various natural disasters. The amount of money spent in order to reconstruct and revive these areas following a large scale natural calamity is stupendous. We at Nirmall Enterprise aim to minimize the damage and help preserve resources. We are proud that our endeavour in sustainable development with our sustainability science results in applied sustainability which is the application of science and innovation to meet human needs while indefinitely preserving the life support.

The technology to offer on “Rain Making” is using dark matters that the world is still adopting & we have some headway. Considering what the USA & China are spending on artificial rain making, it is time India seriously considered adopting measures to augment its shortfalls in poor rainfall in most areas across India.

Every year conditions of drought are occurring more frequently. Over 40 million hectares of land across the Indian sub-continent receives minimal or no rainfall. The Meteorological department recently issued a warning regarding El Nino, which may hit India in June 2015. In 2009, El Nino resulted in the worst drought to hit India in three decades. The need of the hour is preparedness and effective technological solutions.

The revolutionary tools from Nirmall Enterprise show a lot of promise in managing agricultural drought with its Scalar Waves Machinery. Conditions of drought across the nation could be successfully reduced and managed better. Timely preventive measures in mitigating Hailstorms is an effective disaster management with Scalar Wave technology. There is the technology at hand, there is only a need for effective implementation and execution at ground zero.

Nirmall Enterprise can:

Our products have been tested in parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat and have yielded astounding results which offer great promise for disaster management. The technology offers hope for a number of villages and needy areas. The conditions for crop cultivation, availability of good quality potable water and agricultural output can be significantly improved and altered to benefit the lives of millions of farmers across our country. Until now we have been at the mercy of nature and unpredictable environmental conditions. Nirmall Enterprise offers the gift of life through clean water, highly advanced research and critical, innovative tools.